Why people like humor

Why people like humor

People with a sense of humor find themselves laughing at almost everything in life, whether it comes directly as a joke or indirectly in statements. This quality can enable people to stop overlooking into things that can be stressful meaning it will be hard for someone to become easily offended by others. When somebody is capable of even laughing at himself, there is a chance that they will bounce back to situations that were supposed to break them. Everyone who has personal issues that when taken too seriously may end up giving a person depression, but if they have a sense of humor they may not be. Generally, a sense of humor can make you see funny moments in almost everything even when you are going through tough times, the pressure will not be too much to stop you from feeling happy. This has made scientists to research more on whether humor can be in genes of people because of the tendency of funny people to take things lightly.

Another reason that makes people like

Another reason that makes people like humor is that when a person laugh she tends to trigger a certain part of the brain which deals with alertness. This means that the attention of a person will improve making them more alert while somewhere, and concentrate on what business they were to do. It means that when a student is being taught by a teacher who throws jokes every once in a while, will be concentrating on the lesson more compared to a strict learning lesson. Moreover, people remember easily the things they heard, or said if they enjoyed that moment plus it is exciting to have a conversation that cheers you up. Humor can destroy the attention killer which is boredom, when you concentrate on something over a period of time you may feel bored unless there pops up something which makes you laugh. Boredom can make even a fresh mind to stop thinking when necessary, and a person to withdraw himself from others which can make them start looking into their troubles.

Apart from helping on how to

Apart from helping on how to deal with depression, it has managed to improve the physical, and therapeutic health of people. Laughter triggers the mind to release relaxing hormones that can make the blood pressure of somebody to be low, this is a natural remedy. If you suffer from high blood pressure regularly then you should try to stay around people who make you laugh to reduce your stress level. When your blood pressure is low it shows that your heart muscles have relaxed as well so the heart can continue to pump blood rhythmically without wearing out. All muscles wear out when their function is being over used either in stressful situations, or natural causes like attacks from diseases every now and then. Naturally, laughter makes muscles relax from tension plus trains which in turn gives the body a humble time, free from stress and fatigue.

Why people like humor

Humor make interactions more easy as people tend to feel attached to people who make them feel happy rather than those who remind them of their problems. Comedians usually try to correct wrong people in society by criticizing them in a humorous way, you may laugh yet you will know what you do is wrong. This method ensures that the respect between the two parties is maintained, yet the message is passed to the supposed individual. It does not just criticize a specific individual but the community at large if they had started a certain behavior that was not pleasant, and someone had to find a way to tell them. Humor is a good way to relax the mind from all the activities of the day like work, and studies, you can feel refreshed after a moment of fun with a few of your friends. In as much as to others jokes might be just a by the way to others like leaders it is a crucial thing as when a leader approaches a gathering, and people laugh at his jokes, its known all are listening.

Even men and women, when each is choosing their life partners, research shows the percentage of wanting a funny person is high. This shows that people feel more comfortable when engaging with people they share a common sense of humor.