The Mechanism and Importance of Laughter

The Mechanism and Importance of Laughter

In a layman’s understanding, the proverbial saying that laughter is the best medicine simply means that laughter is good for your physical and mental health. Used to remind us or encourage those who are going through tough times that laughter can help them find their way back to their feet again. Changing their negative thoughts and physical expression is challenging, but laughter has made it easier to deal with, this expression says it all. The saying, laughter is the best medicine is a metaphor because you cannot use it to cure malaria or diabetes for instance, as laughter is not a medicine. In the last decade, research has uncovered lots of healing properties associated with laughter, it brings joy and happiness to selves, killing emotional turmoil in the process.

The female gender on average laugh

The female gender on average laugh more than males, studies have shown that ladies can laugh over 120% more than men do, it’s an interesting statistic. Regardless of gender, laughter is one of those activities that people can do more often and feel good about. Laughter can come as a spontaneous act, or it can be born out of intent, it calls upon both the mind and body to function, it helps you bond more. The immune system is made more efficient when people laugh, stress hormones are depreciated in the cells of those who engage in frequent laughing exercise. Medicine has found an increase in immune-cell counts and an elevated number of antibodies responsible for fighting diseases. Researchers have found that laughter itself burns calories, so for obese patients or those who want to lose weight, laughing more often can help speed up the process.

People's mood is boosted when they

People’s mood is boosted when they laugh, this occurs as the release of endorphins is observed to improve the health system of individuals. Pain is found to be reduced when laughter is used as a means of therapy for either a physical or emotional injury. People found to be stressed out from daily activities also find laughter as a destressing mechanism, providing a means for them to reboot. When challenges occur, laughter provides a lever for people to use in regulating their emotions, so they won’t make drastic decisions that might hurt them in the future. In addition to relaxing the body, improving mood, laughter has been proven to relieve pain, fortify the body’s defense system, and protect the cardiac organs. Laughter provides many advantages to people, from healing to revival, we’re constantly on the lookout for moments of humor to engage in this ancient act.

The Mechanism and Importance of Laughter

During difficult situations, even simulated laughter can result in impulsive laughter, and both are known to deliver similar benefits to you. Laughter is one of the few things that shouldn’t be held back in, except for situations where it’s inappropriate to laugh out, laughter should always be let out. To take advantage of laughter and its benefits, learn to laugh anytime funny jokes are told, even when you’re anticipating it, hormones are already released in your cells. Watch comedies, go for comedy shows, make conscious efforts to become aware of your environment and things that can make you make. Though, not all laughter is born out of sweet experiences, some are due to bitter moments, this laughter should be avoided as it can leave you feeling worse afterward. The hormone cortisol, which is released by laughing triggers the brain to dig out threats if the laughter is due to a negative outcome leading to negative emotions.

Relationships should be prioritized when it comes to moments of humor, if humor is at the expense of your friends or colleagues, laughter is off-limits at that time. The benefits of laughing can be experienced firsthand if you’ve ever had a good belly laugh at a friend’s joke or TV comedy and felt happier or calmer. It’s important to derive your funny moments from situations that won’t leave you pitying others later, feel-good moments are best. Learn to socialize more with those who make you laugh, whether they’re in the same location as you or not. Laughing therapy can be used to escape negative emotions, starting the day at work laughter will set the mood for a productive day. Laughter yoga is a yoga form designed to trigger laughter by engaging in special breathing and laughter exercises for about 20 minutes, providing all the benefits mentioned above.