People Who Lack Sense Of Humour

People Who Lack Sense Of Humour

Sense of humour is the ability to laugh at amusing things that people find funny. People have this feature which makes it possible for them to laugh at funny things, including other sensible things. It starts developing at an early age, and it’s important in human development. Humour is important in our lives as it reduces tension, and helps in understanding hard situations which aids in making good decisions. Anyone with sense of humour can be happy during tough conditions, as they appear healthy psychologically.

Not everyone that has a sense

Not everyone that has a sense of humour, as some have a disability to understand why something is funny. There are some factors which are responsible for this including age. Jokes that children find funny might not be amusing to teenagers. As people grow, things they find funny changes due to educational background, culture and their religion. You can teach someone by making them understand why a joke is amusing to make them laugh too. Children should be encouraged to tell jokes, and think about the reason why it’s amusing for them to develop their sense of humour.

Older people can improve their sense

Older people can improve their sense of humour by asking people to explain a joke, also by watching series of jokes online. People are supposed to laugh at jokes because even babies laugh too. Everybody in this world has a sense of humour because it’s a feeling that comes naturally just like others. The only time you can say someone does not have a sense of humour is if the person is passing through emotional distress that has taken away everything, making the person broken without the ability to feel anything no matter how amusing it seems. This malfunctioning is temporary, so it happens for a while before going back to normal.

People Who Lack Sense Of Humour

It also happens to people who are too smart or too dull as they’ll have issues with understanding certain humours. The smart ones will feel too intelligent, while the other will not be smart enough to decode by themselves. It’s not a common case, so they experience hard times trying to understand. There are people who don’t like expressing themselves socially, so they act passively towards humour. Due to lack of ability to loosen up socially, these people find nothing interesting, and are referred to as socially inactive people. A cure to this is to try and improve the person socially, so the socially inactive people can have a sense of humour.

Most times, people don’t understand their peers humour, but that doesn’t mean they have no sense of humour. Life will be boring if there’s no sense of humour, so people who have none live a boring life. People who have suffered from stroke and other brain illnesses have no sense of humour. Others are introverts that don’t know how to have fun and show it like extroverts, therefore it’s kept hidden, making it seem like there’s no sense of humour. Introverts have this feeling of being awkward whenever an emotion is expressed which is why they’re always isolated from fun. Sarcastic jokes would mean nothing to them because they’ll act normal like it’s a motivational speech.

Individuals usually appears angry and angry people cannot be pleased, despite the level of humour. Sadness is a feeling that makes you forget the feeling of happiness, and when you’re not happy, you can’t think straight. Autistic patients have no sense of humour due to the deformity, so if you tell them countless humours, it’ll not be successful. Having no sense of humour means you can’t feel the vibes from sarcastic things, you can’t pass these vibes and don’t appreciate it.

People have the habit of hiding their true self until they’re familiar with you. It’s possible that they’re not exactly dead humour wise, but they’re not comfortable with revealing themselves. Once they’ve gotten comfortable around you, a different personality will be shown to surprise you. There are cases of people being born without sense of humour, temporary loss of sense of humour due to certain circumstances, brain malfunctioning issues, personality issues, and others. Problems like this can be solved, but the complicated ones might not be possible. If you’re experiencing any of these, try harder to overcome it, as this world is too tough to act all serious.